Individual Support

If you donate to your local volunteer fire company, please continue to do so. We are an outlet for any and all who might not have a local company, or for those who just want to give to the greater good. We appreciate every penny. Thank you.


We represent our mission at highly attended summer festivals (10,ooo+ people). Becoming a Sponsor during our season reveals the best that 77Rescue has to offer – defining your brand, connecting you to high profile, high quality events, getting significant visibility.

Apparatus Donation

In service apparatus has a life span and when the end of that lifespan is met most apparatus are dismissed and rid of. Don’t let that treasured piece go to waist. Give it a good home and life of retirement. We take old apparatus from all over the country and treat it with respect renewing them, keeping to the originality and assigning it a new lot in life.


Are you a passionate individual who thrives in leadership roles and/or team environments? Are you goal oriented and always looking for the next challenge? Join us! Click below to learn about opportunities to get involved.